Briana Hansen
Updated Jun 16, 2016 @ 1:09 pm
Credit: Miramax Films

There’s no mystery about it. Alexa PenaVega (aka Carmen from Spy Kids) just made a huge, public announcement that she and her husband Carlos are expecting their first baby. false

Posting absolutely adorable pictures to their separate accounts, the couple show off the positive pregnancy test and clear excitement for the news. The joy on the expecting parents’ faces mixed with the love they clearly share makes us even happier for them (not to mention gives us a new #relationshipgoal). false

It’s crazy to think how quickly time has passed that it’s even possible that one of the spy kids could be having kids of her own. No doubt the little one will soon learn how much butt mommy kicked when she was younger and will aspire to start training to be just like her. Or maybe their kid won’t even believe it’s possible, just like Carmen didn’t think there was any way her parents were as awesome as they turned out to be.

Credit: Miramax Films/Giphy

The couple’s friends and family have already started sharing their public congrats, echoing all of our excitement with the perfect mix of exclamation points and emojis. false false

The happy couple should certainly be basking in all the love being thrown their way. It’s super exciting news. Maybe not as exciting as discovering your parents have been abducted by Fegan Floop’s robot cronies and now it’s your job to team up with your little brother to help save them… but it’s definitely safer and a whole lot more fun.