Alyssa Moore
Updated Aug 21, 2016 @ 1:15 pm
Credit: Baloncici/Shutterstock

Most college dorm rooms are only big enough for the barest of essentials. Mattress? Check. Textbooks? Check. Massive stash of ramen? Check. Anything more than the most necessary items is just gonna get in the way. And this mom and daughter definitely did a little over-packing…

They accidentally brought a bag of street trash all the way from New York to Indiana.

Daughter Amanda Wolfson had packed all of her clothes in black garbage bags, and when she and mom Lori were packing, an identical black garbage bag of icky trash found its way into the mix. The bag sat unnoticed in the car for five days (five days!!!!), though the duo definitely noticed the smell on their twelve-hour drive to Amanda’s school.

Amanda assumed that the suspicious odor was just some dirty workout clothes she’d packed (#yogaaroma), and Lori admitted on her Facebook that this led to a parental lecture.

It wasn’t until they began unpacking that they realized what had actually happened (and understandably sprinted for the nearest Dumpster). Amanda says her room still smells “unbearable,” though Lori looked to the positive.

“Thank God there were no maggots or rats in there or anything,” she told Buzzfeed. “It could’ve been a lot worse.”

Credit: Charles Schulz/Giphy

Fortunately, the experience brought them more than an unpleasant odor — they got a lot of laughs out of the experience, and even met a few new friends.

Amused neighbors stopped by to donate Febreeze,

and Amanda says other moms have volunteered their time and Lysol to make the room more habitable.

Life lesson: be careful what you pack!!! Lori and Amanda, we salute you for your candor…and send virtual air freshener.