Tennis - Olympics: Day 9
Credit: Julian Finney/Getty Images

The Rio Olympics have given us a lot to smile about lately. From the Final Five dominating in gymnastics, and the 100-meter hurdles (among other things), to Leslie Jones becoming a commentator, to the adorable mascot, there’s been a lot to celebrate.

We just learned of the most recent addition to this list of awesomeness, and it is fast-becoming one of our favorites: the lime green tennis court arena. While it’s actually kind of weird to watch tennis surrounded by a two-toned, green space, some viewers noticed that the lime color was reminiscent of something else…a giant movie green screen.

While Great Britain’s Andy Murray battled it out with Argentina’s Juan Martin Del Potro during a history-making four-hour match, imgur user factionman was taking advantage of the fact that the match was taking place on a huge canvas of creativity.

Credit: Imgur/ factionman

Murray may have won his second consecutive gold medal, but factionman is the real winner here: he created a series of wonderfully weird gifs of the pair competing in decidedly nontraditional environments.

Here are Murray and Del Porto playing tennis surrounded by hot lava:

Credit: Imgur/ factionman, Giphy

And here they are playing a rousing round of space tennis:

Credit: Imgur/ factionman, Giphy

Murray and Del Porto also play tennis among sea life:

Credit: Imgur/ factionman, Giphy

And finally, the pair compete in front of the iconic scroll from the Star Wars films.

Credit: Imgur/ factionman, Giphy

These hilarious digital manipulations have garnered more than 500,000 views, and brought joy to our hearts. We can’t wait to see if any more sports are played on giant green screen in the last weekend of the Olympics — if so we’re confident factionman, and the internet at large, will know what to do.