Elizabeth Entenman
April 14, 2016 11:32 am

Seeing Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen smile is a rare treat. They always pose with a little bit of Blue Steel ‘tude on the red carpet and for the paparazzi. And they definitely don’t take selfies. That is, until now: The twins just posted their very first public selfie on Instagram.

This magical moment comes to us courtesy of Sephora’s Instagram. Mary-Kate and Ashley’s brand, Elizabeth and James, did a takeover of the beauty company’s account, and one of their posts was this glorious photo.

The internet’s reply has been totally insane. Since they posted the pic yesterday, it’s been liked over 62.5k times. And in the comments, people are begging them to post more. What can we say? People love the Olsen twins.

Note that in the caption, the girls say this is their first PUBLIC selfie. Which leads up to believe that Mary-Kate and Ashley definitely take selfies, they just don’t share them with the world. We hope that this post will open the selfie floodgates and they’ll unleash more and more selfies on us in the future.