Sammy Nickalls
May 02, 2016 5:13 am

On Friday, Old Navy tweeted about their “Thank You event,” which enables customers to take 30% off your entire purchase. As if that’s not awesome enough (because yay, deals!), they also used a picture of an interracial family to accompany the ad . . . which set off some racists on Twitter.

Trolls and racists took to Twitter to announce their outrage, claiming that the retailer is promoting “open borders” and “race mixing.”

However, Old Navy also received flood of positive comments and support for the ad, including from interracial families who are grateful for the representation from a mainstream brand. In fact, quite a few Twitter users said they’ll go shopping at Old Navy in gratitude.

Some people even learned new — or, should we say, very old and outdated — racist vocab words from the whole thing:

Thanks, Old Navy, for your inclusive ad that reflects many, many actual families in America today!