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wedding gifts
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When most of us hear the words “wedding gift,” we think champagne flutes, elegant flower vases, or maybe a fancy cheese board. So we were surprised when Zola, an online wedding registry, shared their list of the top 20 gifts purchased on their site—and a cast iron skillet was holding the number one spot.

If wedding gifts are transitioning from decorative to more practical, we’re totally on board. We love the idea that new couples are excited about cooking together and are registering primarily for kitchen items. Specifically, the popular skillet is a Lodge Logic Cast Iron Skillet, part of a line of pre-seasoned skillets from Lodge Manufacturing, the oldest U.S. maker of cast-iron cookware. Having it pre-seasoned means the surface is naturally nonstick—you simply reinforce the nonstick coating every time you heat oil in the skillet.

What’s so special about cast iron cookware? It retains heat remarkably well, diffuses heat evenly, and produces a rich, dark crusts on everything from steak to pizza. It’s the best way to attain crispy skin on chicken or charred, blistered spots on sweet summer veggies. It also lasts forever, never goes out of style, and is reasonably priced.

Whether you’ve received one as a gift or are considering purchasing one for yourself, we’ve got endless inspiration for what to make in it. For dessert, go for our s’mores calzones. For dinner, try chicken “under a brick.” It’s also the best vessel for homemade English muffins, blueberry cornbread, and giant skillet cookies.

Here, the top wedding gifts, determined by the most frequent registry purchases in 2017: