Sabrina Stone
Updated Apr 02, 2015 @ 3:36 pm

Happy Easter, everyone! Today is big day if you’re a bunny. You’re expected to represent an entire holiday and generally be your adorable self, which isn’t exactly hard. But hey, it’s a lot of pressure.

Most people don’t think of bunnies as pets—or think of bunnies at all—outside of Easter. But for me, it’s Easter 24/7 in my house, because I’m a bunny mommy. Six years ago, I went into my local shelter, determined to get a dog. I live in a small 1-bedroom, so the plan was not very well thought-out but I was in need of a creature to love.

The volunteer said “Go down this hall and make a left,” so, brilliant me, I went down the hall and made a right. I turned in to a small room, filled floor to ceiling with cages, cages containing bright eyed, bushy tailed bunnies. I had never thought of adopting a rabbit! (I didn’t even really know that was a thing) but the moment I stepped into the room, I knew that being a bunny mom was my destiny.

Today, Ella and I celebrate our 6-year anniversary and I feel like it’s the perfect opportunity to share, with you, some of the random and ridiculous knowledge I’ve acquired from my years in a bunny household.

Bunnies Will Eat ANYTHING

Sponges. Electric cords. Pencils. Furniture. Flowers. Pillow cases. Bills. Socks. Yoga mats. Rabbits will eat almost anything they can get their chompers around.

For a while, my pants were disappearing.

Ella, my little one, had been pulling them under the bed and gathering them to create some sort of cozy, denim nest. When I discovered my pants cache, every single pair was covered in teeny tiny bite marks. Welcome to genuinely distressed blue jeans.

Bunnies Are Too Cute to Get Angry With

Ella, the bunniest of bunnies, escaped onto my terrace one day and jumped into a bed of hyacinths. She dug up all the bulbs, nearly destroyed the whole planter and looked so darn proud of herself, covered head to toe in dirt, I couldn’t even get mad at her. Bunnies will overwhelm you with adorableness.

A Relationship With a Bunny Grows Over Time

When you first adopt a bunny, it’s recommended that you sit next to them, on the floor, brushing your hair. They’ll see you grooming and they’ll start to groom themselves. Mine skipped that step and hopped right over to help me groom, licking my sleeve with her incredibly tiny tongue.

Every morning now when I wake, she’s looking up at me with her face full of whiskers, front paws up, ready for cuddles and carrots.

Squeezing a Bunny is Better Than Any Stress Ball

Seriously. They are the squishiest, mushiest little lumps of love, once you gain their trust.

Petting a bunny is the most relaxing thing. Every time I do, I can feel my heart rate slow down and my mind fill with fluffy thoughts.

Bunnies Can Be Trained

You can potty train them. Teach them to take their meds. Get them to come when you call. Even play ball!

Every night, I say “Ella! Bedtime!!” and she comes running in from the living room, nearly face-planting on the turn around my door. She doesn’t even require treats anymore. She just likes to go to sleep when I do.

Bunnies WILL Judge You

They will. It’s a thing. A disapproving rabbit is hilariously persuasive. They know when you’ve had one drink too many or when you’ve been streaming all of “Archer” on Netflix instead of handing in a report. They will judge you hard. And when they do, it’s clear that a good bunny makes you a better person.

My Life With a Bunny Is So Much Better Than My Life Before a Bunny

This Easter, if you’re thinking about getting a bunny, remember, it’s actually a really big decision. But they’re wonderful and can improve your life so much. There are shelters everywhere, so look it up and check one out. Adopt!! (A shelter bunny will be grateful and love you forever.) Happy Easter! Bloop!