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Doing laundry
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Admit it: We’ve all given our favorite pair of jeans the sniff test to see if they’re acceptable to wear oneeeee last time. But at what point should you absolutely throw them in the washing machine?

Real Simple recently published a handy chart from its new book, The Real Simple Guide to Real Life, that breaks down how often you need to wash everything in your wardrobe.

It turns out, bras should be washed after three to four wears (eek), while hosiery should be washed every time you squeeze into them. Jeans can stretch to five times, while sweatshirts can last up to seven wears before needing a wash. As for leggings and yoga pants, you can rock those one to three times before needing to toss them in the machine, but pajamas can last up to four wears before needing a good scrubbing.

And since it’s swimsuit season, note that bathing suits should be washed after every use, as should tees and tanks. However, you can go two or three times before you need to throw your cutoffs in the hamper.

The RS editors do note that these numbers aren’t hard and fast — if there’s a heat wave or you spill something all over your front, you should probably wash those pieces ASAP. Use your common sense!

We hope we just made laundry day a whole lot easier!