Kathryn Lindsay
August 29, 2015 12:42 pm

Every week at HelloGiggles we try to bring you the finest and most hilarious things the grand old Internet has to offer and Office Baboon is no exception. Born from  Getty Images stock footage that depicts an angry baboon in an office, “Office Baboon” is the newest meme you never knew you needed. But oh, how you need it.

Because Office Baboon is relatable. Office Baboon is all of us. Office Baboon understands us and our daily life struggle. Office Baboon was sent to us from the Internet gods so that we feel less alone in this crazy world. Photos of Office Baboon pushing laptops off of desks, aggressively pushing buttons until something happens, and holding her/his head in despair is just so relatable and honestly — it just makes us feel better about our own bad days and moments of frustration.

Here’s how some people have been using the meme since the images were discovered a few days ago:

All this activity inspired the creation of the official Office Baboon twitter. While it only launched yesterday, it’s already a wealth of hilarious baboon images and tweets that perfectly encapsulate what makes the Internet such a great place. For instance:


You can take a look at the source of this footage over on Getty Images. Who knows how or why video of baboons in offices and kitchen found their place amongst videos of baboons in the wild, but I’d like to shake the hand of whoever made it possible. Well done, crafty human. Well done.

Do you think this baboon has what it takes to be the next Grumpy Cat? Only time will tell. Until then:

(Images via Twitter and Giphy)