It’s no secret that we’re kind of obsessed with Halloween over here. It’s definitely one of our favorite topics here at HelloGiggles, and we really never get tired of the decorations, costumes, and all of the cozy little extras that come along with the first REAL month of fall. The weather’s getting cooler, your sweaters are seasonally appropriate, and candy is going on sale in bulk in all of the stores. HONESTLY, what more could you possibly ask for?

Personally, we look forward to all of the jokes and memes that come along with the holiday. Since Halloween, though widely loved, isn’t as much of a mainstream time of year to look forward to, like the winter holidays, those of us who live for October get more flack than, say, your BFF who loves Valentine’s Day. But it’s not really a problem — really, it just gives us a whoooole arsenal of hilarious Halloween-themed gags to look at every year. Here’s ten of our absolute favorites!

1. The super on-point memes everybody rolls out that ALMOST do your enthusiasm justice at the end of September.

2. How the word ‘spoopy’ will literally NEVER not be hilarious.

3. Really, really excellent monster-related puns, like the ones from this super talented artist.

4. Reliable dad jokes, like “which ghost is the best dancer?” Answer: “the boogie man.” OBVIOUSLY.

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5. Night bloggers on tumblr making us simultaneously laugh till we cry and super uncomfortable by getting too real when it comes to skeletons.

6. All of your fellow Halloweenies whipping out the dancing pumpkin man gif as an appropriate reaction to EVERYTHING.

We’re, like, not entirely sure where he comes from or how he’s suddenly the best punchline throughout October, but he just TICKLES us.

Credit: CW/
Credit: CW/
Credit: CW/

7. The jokes that are so perfect for the season that you need to take a minute to bask in awe.

Equal parts TERRIFYING and hilarious.

8. The carry-over jokes from the Autumn Fandom. (That’s a thing, right?)

9. Hilarious costume planning that’s maaaaaybe a little too real.

10. And of course, the neverending jokes from your friends and family who don’t QUITE understand just how deeply you love this holiday.

Halloween, we are SO ready for you. Missed you, xoxo.