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In case you hadn’t heard, last night was the China state dinner. To welcome President Xi Jinping and wife Peng Liyuan to the White House, Barack and Michelle got their glam on, check out the snap of the couples below.

We love this shot of the four, except we hate how it cuts off, like half of Michelle’s Vera Wang dress, so let’s get a full shot of the gorg gown.

That SKIRT, those SLEEVES, her HAIR, we die. Plus, we think it was a particularly classy/awesome touch for Michelle to wear a gown designed by the Chinese-American Wang to this event.

Michelle was on point head to toe, but apparently Barack’s bow tie was a little crooked, so Michelle did what any SO worth their salt would do, she fixed the darn thing. Also, Barack’s “GEEZ, MOM” face here is priceless.

So who else was glamming it up with the Obamas last night? Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan came to hang, both looking cute as heck. Same goes for Misty Copeland and her date Olubayo Evans.

Plus, here’s a fab single Misty took with the Jackie O. portrait (because that’s what you DO if you’re lucky enough to get invited to the White House for, like, anything)

And here’s Michelle posing by the decor AKA the dinner party of our dreams.

So basically it was the dreamiest of nights. We wouldn’t have expected anything less.


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