Even President Obama has to work on his selfie game.

In the name of getting people to sign up for healthcare (Do it! At! The deadline is February 15!), Barack Obama boldly went where no American President has gone before. Not Lincoln, not Taft, not even Bill Clinton: He used a selfie stick.

The president shot a video for Buzzfeed titled, “Things Everybody Does But No One Talks About,” which shows him posing in the mirror, and practicing his speech about healthcare in the mirror. The video is a pretty genius move by both Buzzfeed and the Commander in Chief and has many news outlets, like CNBC, asking is this “the future of campaigning?” As Chris Woods, from communication consulting firm Hanover Communications told CNBC, “Social media now is like kissing babies used to be as a way of politicians seeming more human.” So yeah, this might be the new world order.

In the pre-tty charming vid, Obama also winks at himself, spins around, puts on sunglasses, mispronounces “February” (hey, it’s a tricky one sometimes) and draws a picture of his crush (obvi, First Lady Michelle Obama).

At one point, Obama tries to dunk a cookie into a glass of milk, only to find out that the cookie is too big. He sighs, exasperatedly, and says, “Thanks, Obama.” Thanks, Obama!

And apparently, when no one’s watching, Obama works on his fake basketball game. I mean, the leader of the free world has to have game, right? In the words of the President: “Can I live?”

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