President of the United States, Barrack Obama was speaking to the Democratic Women’s Leadership Forum on Thursday when he did something that we can 100% guarantee no POTUS has ever done before: He did an impression of web celeb Grumpy Cat. And, wow, he must have practiced in front of the mirror, because it’s really good.

ABC News shared a clip of the speech, and it shows our Commander-in-Chief listing some grievances he has with the Republican party. “Why is it that Republican politicians are so down on America?” he said, face straight as an arrow. “Have you noticed that? I mean they are, they are gloomy.” Though the audience wasn’t filmed, Obama’s remarks were getting so many laughs, you’d think he was performing his first HBO special. Seriously, it’s awesome.

But then he took it to a whole new level. “They’re like grumpy cat,” Barrack Obama, the President of the United States, said. With perfect comedic timing, he waited for one beat, and then turned down the corners of his mouth. And the world as we know it was changed forever.

Oh wow, can we get a recap of that?

Our super-rad president (who clearly has two teenage daughters that keep him well-informed of the goings-on of the Internet) also took time to turn his frown upside down and point out the positivity he’s seen from the Democratic party recently.

No matter what party you support, Grumpy Cat definitely transcends politics. Check out the majestic clip below:

(Image via here and here.)