Ashley McDonald
Updated Apr 16, 2015 @ 3:54 pm

Who says cats are creatures indifferent to love?! This incredible story, via Bored Panda, tells us otherwise.

Radamenes is a saintly black kitty who nurses all the other animals at a veterinary center in Poland back to health. Radamenes himself was brought to the center in very poor condition — the people who dropped him off thought he would have to be put down. After the vets heard him purr, they chose to save him. And thank goodness they did!

Radamenes recovered from a respiratory infection and is now a local attraction. He cuddles and cleans animals at the shelter, and he’s especially affectionate with animals who’ve had major surgeries.

So let this be a lesson to all: The stigma surrounding black cats is ridiculously inaccurate. Go, Radamenes!

Images via BoredPanda.