Trilby Beresford
Updated Jun 19, 2016 @ 7:27 am
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Harassment toward women is sadly still a common occurrence, both sexually speaking, and also in regard to the workplace, their general appearance, and even their intelligence and success. But strong and opinionated women everywhere are taking a stand against it on social media.

After a recent conversation on Twitter about the right way to approach a woman, it became clear that there are many people who don’t realize or understand that there is a (very) wrong way to do it that actually constitutes harassment. Impassioned responses started to pour out, and the hashtag #NoWomanEver was born. You know, as in, “said no woman ever.”

Here’s where it all began, with a woman named CJ, from Atlanta. false

And here are some of the Twitter posts where the genius hashtag was used. false false false false false

Hopefully the use of this hashtag will put some things in perspective for those who have ever unfairly judged or treated a woman, because derogatory language is childish and petty. And obviously, it’s never okay. Women deserve to be treated with grace and respect, just like their male counterparts. This Twitter discussion also makes it abundantly clear that women are able to use humor to their advantage, which points to their strength of character.

Oh, and there’s more where this came from. Right here. false false false

This thread also shows that women are not alone in their struggle for equality and freedom from harassment, quite the opposite in fact. In times of need, total strangers unite on social platforms to share their experiences, and it means a lot to know that everyone is in this together, battling for the same goal.

Sooooo who runs the world? GIRLS. And on that note, here’s one for the road. false