Allanah Dykes
December 23, 2016 3:46 pm

Random question, but whatever happened to Miley Cyrus’s BFF Mandy from the “Miley and Mandy show”?! With over 500,000 followers, and before YouTube was the monster success that it is now, Miley Cyrus and friend Mandy Jiroux had a short lived YouTube show that we all watched. So of course we had to do some digging to find out whatever happened to the other M in the dynamic duo!

To jog you’re memory, here’s Miley and Mandy back in 2008, aka the height of their friendship:

Steve Granitz/WireImage

And here’s one of their many YouTube videos:

Back then in the days of jelly bracelets, colored hair and platform Keds, Miley and Mandy were an inseparable pair. The duo would upload YouTube videos dancing around in bedrooms wearing matching sweat suits. Years later according to ABC News, Mandy Jiroux is no longer a Cyrus sidekick.

Mandy is now a quadruple threat who is super busy launching her singing career. The recording artist/DJ/dancer/ choreographer even collaborated with YouTube sensation Kurt Schneider so they could produce a Zedd medley. She even released her own song called “Fade Away,” and another song called “My Forever,”.

She launched a dance cardio fitness program called Move Like Mandy on her own YouTube channel which has over a million followers. Her dance routines include Fifth Harmony, Shakira and Rihanna’s iconic dance routine, and Tinashe’s “Superlove” dance routine.

On top of all of that she was also featured in this year’s YouTube Rewind campaign and recreated the iconic scene “Jingle Bell Rock” dance routine from Mean Girls on her YouTube channel.

Although we miss the days of seeing Mandy and Miley it seems like Mandy is doing just fine on her own!