Crystal Ro
Updated Aug 23, 2016 @ 12:50 pm
salute your shorts
Credit: Nickelodeon

When Salute Your Shirts premiered over 25 years ago on Nickelodeon, every kid and their mom dreamed of spending their summer at Camp Anawanna (just me?!). Getting the chance to run around with this crazy bunch seemed like a perfect afternoon, tbh.

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And remember this dude in charge of all the fun mayhem? Sure you do, it was camp counselor Ug! (Yep, that’s how his name is really spelled). Played by actor Kirk Baily, Ug was a totally lovable goofball with a penchant for putting lots of sunblock on his nose.

Sing it, Ug.

Credit: Nickelodeon

Of course, now that we’re all adults, we’re probably less inclined to actually want to spend our entire summer at camp (although, it beats commuting to work, right?!), but we’re still super curious what our favorite bucket-hatted counselor is like now.

Turns out, Ug is just fine, because he’s been super busy doing a ton of voice work for little films like, oh I don’t know, Frozen and Big Hero 6!

And, clearly, fans are still super excited to meet him.

Reminiscing about the show recently, he said he loved shooting the pilot, particularly the sequence where he gets ~tarred and feathered~.

Although, the stunt wasn’t without it’s own real difficulties.


Well, OBVIOUSLY, we’re glad you survived safe and sound, and still as lovable today, Ug, er Kirk!