Christmas package of Big League Chew with a Snowman on the front
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While the big-ticket gifts you wished for were typically underneath the Christmas tree on December 25th, your stocking always held some special treats. If you grew up in the ’90s, you might definitely get nostalgic for those sweet and salty snacks that filled your stocking each Christmas. Because even if your parents were against junk food for the other 364 days of the year, Christmas was a time for ’90s kids to get the holiday treats of their dreams.

Whoever was responsible for the your stocking items certainly knew that a novelty candy or snack item was the perfect fit for your oversized sock hung by the chimney with care. Although you might have had some toys in your stocking, too — like Gak, Pogs, a Tamagotchi, or a Yak Bak — edible treats were typically more of a given. And if you had begged your mom or dad to fill your lunch bag with junk food every day before school, they might have made up for it on Christmas Day.

Not every treat on this list is specifically Christmas-themed or reserved just for people who grew up in the 1990s, but you’ll feel like a child on Christmas Day reading through this list of treats that ’90s kids wanted in their stockings.

1Tongue Splashers

While your parents were decking the halls, you wanted to paint the town — well, really, your tongue — red with this gum that came in a novelty paint can. Hopefully, your stocking was big enough to fit it.

2Terry’s Chocolate Orange

There’s a tradition that involves putting oranges in the toe of the stocking, but you may have wanted to channel your inner British kid with a Chocolate Orange in your stocking. And thankfully, this treat isn’t specifically ’90s.

3Big League Chew

While this bubble gum brand was a staple at springtime little league games, you wanted it for Christmas. And good news — Big League Chew, complete with Christmas pouches, is still around.

4Push Pops

Lollipops were never the same again once you were able to push ’em up. Plus, their compactness made them fit into your stocking so well.

5Ring Pops

Jewelers always push engagement rings for Christmas, so if kid-you wanted a glittery jewel on your ring finger, your best option was a Ring Pop.



Sure, you can pick up Combos at convenience stores now, but Christmastime as a kid was the ideal time to ask for this junk food in your stocking.

7Life Saver Gummies

Life Saver books are a staple for stockings, but Life Saver Gummies were introduced in 1992, so you probably wanted to upgrade to this chewy counterpart.

8Life Saver Holes

Or perhaps you wanted to skip the whole circular Life Saver thing entirely and go right to the holes, which came out in 1990.

9Hershey Kisses Hugs

Hershey’s Kisses have long been a Christmastime treat, but the Hugs were an exciting game-changer when they first were released (which was in 1993, according to The Washington Post, since you got both milk and white chocolate swirled together.

10M&M Minis Candy Tubes


M&M’s Minis hit the market in 1996, so you had to get your hands on ’em. They were only sold in tubes, but that was perfect for your stocking! And even if Santa didn’t get the memo that you wanted the newest kind of M&Ms, maybe you got the regular-sized M&Ms in a tube with an ornament as a topper.

11Rainbow Candy Canes

’90s kids were too cool for school and didn’t just want plain old peppermint candy canes, so these cherry-flavored, rainbow-colored ones were a far superior alternative.

12Reese’s Peanut Butter Trees

This variation on Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups can be in our stockings every year — even if they may come out a bit misshapen.


There wasn’t really anything festive about Dunkaroos, but that didn’t stop ’90s kids from craving them in their lunchboxes — and their stockings.

14Pez Dispensers

Santa Claus Pez dispensers were around long before ’90s kids were, but they were still a quintessential stocking stuffer.


As long as Santa placed these pizza-flavored chips gently into your stocking, you were all set.

16Rice Krispies Treats

Although Rice Krispies Treats are relatively easy to make, Kellogg’s made snacking on them even easier in the ’90s since they prepackaged them. And even if they got too gooey in your stocking, they were full of marshmallowy goodness.

17Fruit Stripe Gum

This colorful zebra-striped gum was pretty magical, but let’s be real — the tastiness didn’t last very long.


These juice-filled fruit snacks can still be found at your food store.

Now that you’re a grown-up ’90s kid, you can fill your own stocking with these treats (if they haven’t been discontinued) this Christmas Day — no Santa required.