Karen Belz
February 27, 2017 10:08 am
What's Inside? / YouTube

Are you familiar with the YouTube channel called “What’s Inside?” If not, you should be. This episode, which features father and son team Lincoln and Dan opening a Stretch Armstrong (which you may remember from childhood) is pretty inspiring.

And even better, it’ll make you want to watch their many other videos in which they — you guessed it — open other stuff up.

We love it when families work together in the name of science (and curiosity) so we totally understand why this video quickly racked up the views on YouTube.

If you’ve ever wondered what made this nostalgic Hasbro toy so stretchable, just watch and see what Lincoln and Dan uncover.

Before even getting into Stretch’s innards, we’re amazed by the fact that Lincoln has never even heard of the toy before. In fact, he seems a little repulsed by the fact that Stretch Armstrong can tie himself into a knot.

What's Inside? / YouTube

His face? Just priceless.

Lincoln is also pretty impressed by the unboxing. Stretch is way bigger than he even imagined. (See why we thought he was so cool in the ’80s and ’90s, Lincoln?) Eventually, he warms up to him. It’s hard not to. We mean, it’s Stretch Armstrong, and he’s a legend.

Even when he’s played with a little too rough. Yes, even Stretch has his limits, it seems.

What's Inside? / YouTube

Of course, just like with actual people, it’s what’s inside that really matters. And what Stretch has inside is pretty amazing.

And by amazing, of course we mean gross.

What's Inside? / YouTube

After Lincoln and Dan do a little bit of surgery, they find a sticky, stretchy, odorless goo.

In fact, it sticks to their hands and pretty much ruins a table.

While the table ended up surviving due to a little bit of brain power (is there anything water can’t solve?) we still think that the experiment would have been worth the casualty. Thanks to Dan and Lincoln, we’ll never look at Stretch Armstrong the same ever again.