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Children of the ’90s, gather up. Let’s reflect on a time when our sole responsibility, besides homework, was our digital pet. Now you can somewhat relive that moment (albeit briefly) since Tamagotchi is being re-released. “Big deal,” you may say. “I saw one in Walgreens just last week.” Well, let us clarify — you’ll be able to buy the original version. Y’know, the version that made you think differently about eggs. The version that your parents may have spent way too much money on. The version that made America bonkers.


The re-release is happening all thanks to Bandai, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the popular toy. Yes, that makes us feel pretty old too.

There’s just one difference with this version of the Tamagotchi — size. While the graphics are the same, the toy is just a little bit smaller than the original. (Of course, we might not have noticed, since back then, we were a little smaller.)

The one bummer? Okay, it’s kind of a big bummer. Right now, the re-release is just available in Japan. But since the internet is a wonderful thing, that also means that they’re available on Amazon Japan. The cost conversion, according to Mashable, is a little over $17. Totally worth it.

Of course, once you’re reunited with your new little egg buddy, make sure to remember that some things (like, uh — work) should probably come first. That was a lesson we learned back in the ’90s that still applies today.