Marie Lodi
Updated Aug 10, 2016 @ 7:55 pm
anna stern pink hat
Credit: Warner Bros. Television

We all fondly remember the first season of The O.C., don’t we? Ryan Atwood just arrived in Newport to shake things up in the life of Marissa Cooper, Sandy Cohen’s eyebrows were on fleek, and Seth Cohen was swooning over his longtime crush Summer Roberts, that is, until ANNA STERN came in the picture.

Credit: YouTube / Warner Bros. Television

Anna was the antithesis to Summer and seemed like a far better love match to Seth. She was into comics, liked indie music, wore cute sweaters, and had a sassy haircut. She was also a better gift-giver—she presented Seth with a hand-drawn comic titled, The Adventures of Seth Cohen and Captain Oats. (You remember Captain Oats, right?) I MEAN. This gal’s DIY game was like no other.

Credit: Wifflegif / Warner Bros. Television

As expected with any teenage soap opera, Anna and Seth’s romance came to an end, and he ultimately chose Summer to be his Wonder Woman. Then, Anna had to go and move back to Pittsburgh, never to be seen again until she randomly popped up during Season 3. ANNA STERN FOREVER!

Credit: Giphy / Warner Bros. Television

While we wistfully look back on The O.C. and our favorite love triangle, the IRL Anna—Samaire Armstrong—has kept on keepin’ on. This is what she’s been up to, via her aesthetically-pleasing Instagram.

She paints, and recently had an art show.

She’s a mom to an adorable son.

Samaire gave birth to her son Calin in 2012.

If you are a fan of the 1995 film, Empire Records, you might have a new favorite celebrity couple…

She’s dating Johnny Whitworth aka A.J.! Our ‘90s-loving hearts are MELTING right now.

Yep, Samaire Armstrong still rules.

We do still miss Anna, though.