Olivia Harvey
Updated Oct 11, 2017 @ 11:31 am

Hold onto your vest, Marty McFly, because we’re headed back in time! Tamagotchis were the most hi-tech (and popular) toy of the ’90s. They taught us how to care for a digi-pet, which admittedly, we weren’t very good at. But now we’ll have a second chance because Tamagotchis are back, and all of us ’90s kids can get our hands on one.

Earlier this year, Tamagotchi’s parent company, Bandai, rereleased the OG version of the toy in Japan. The egg itself was a bit smaller than we remembered, but the graphics were entirely the same.

Our favorite daily distraction was back on the market and the world rejoiced.

But it was a hassle to order from Amazon Japan and U.S. nostalgia fanatics were a bit upset that Bandai didn’t expand the rerelease to our shores.

Dry your tears, Tamagotchi-heads. Bandai heard our cries and is now bringing the Tamagotchi to the U.S. for $14.99 starting on November 5th in celebration of the toy’s 20th anniversary.

Yeah, we don’t want to believe it either, but Tamagotchi is turning 20. Oh, how the time flies.

According to Bandai.com, you can pre-order a Tamagotchi of your own starting October 10th (aka, yesterday!) at various online retailers, and it will be available for limited release in certain stores come November. We did a little digging, and we currently have only been able to find it online for preorder on ebay.

The toys will debut in their six original designs, and will feature the beloved “egg shape, pixelated LCD charm, and, of course, the recurrent need for tender loving care that endeared fans in 1997 when it was first released.” a Bandai press release stated.

Once we have our little pixel critter in our hands once more, all will be right in the world. Bring on the Tamagotchis, Bandai. We’re ready for them — and we hopefully won’t kill them…again.