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For many of us ’90s babies in the Halloween spirit, our real celebrations occurred over the weekend. We are now adults with grown people jobs and routines — so Halloween on a Monday ain’t really gonna work. But if we can’t put on a costume tonight, what can we do to still feel festive and spooky on this most glorious of evenings?

Lucky for you, tons of episodes are available for rent on YouTube, and here are a few of the celebs who helped scare us out of our minds when we were in elementary school.

In 1995, the now wildly successful actor and heartthrob starred on an episode, “The Tale of Station 109.1,” in which his character locks his death-obsessed little brother in a hearse.

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Before he was a successful comedy actor, Jay Baruchel starred in quite a few episodes of the classic Nick series: “The Tale of Dead Man’s Float” (about a haunted public pool), ” “The Tale of the Zombie Dice,” “The Tale of the Walking Shadow,” and “The Tale of the Time Trap.” Get it, Jay!

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As a star of the horror film franchise Scream, Neve Campbell is no stranger to terrifying audiences. But before she starred in those movies or in Party of Five, she was a character in “The Tale of the Dangerous Soup” — an episode about an eerie restaurant.

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We’ve previously talked about how the talented actress from The Girl Next Door and 24 also starred as Megan, one of the members of the Midnight Society, in the later seasons of the Nick show.

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Before Ryan Cooley collectively broke all of our pre-teen hearts when his character, JT, was killed on Degrassi: The Next Generation, he appeared in the premiere episode of the seventh season, “The Tale of the Silver Sight,” where we get a little insight into how the Midnight Society began.

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Daniel De Santo is a key figure in every millennial’s life, as he was Gretchen Weiner’s kinda-boothang in Mean Girls. But from 1992-2000, he was on 65 EPISODES of Are You Afraid of the Dark? DeSanto played Tucker, a Midnight Society member.

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The Star Wars actor was on a 1999 episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark? called “The Tale of Bigfoot Ridge,” in which a teen girl goes on an adventure to find her missing friend.