Gabriela Herstik
Updated Feb 14, 2017 @ 2:56 pm
Credit: Lisa Maree Williams/Getty

We can’t deny that we’re loving all these Instagram Valentine’s Day posts, and Ruby Rose’s post to girlfriend Jessica Origliasso may be one of our favorites. Instead of posting a current photo, Rose decided to roundup a few of the couples older pics, and the results are pretty hilarious. From kissing in animal onesies, to Rose’s long hair and bangs, this is definitely a throwback to the couples more scenester days. But we have to hand it to Rose for at least admitting that sometimes we do make fashion mistakes. After all, it’s the love that counts.

We love when our favorite stars evolve, and both Rose and Origliasso have grown up quite a bit. Whether the couple is posing together on the red carpet or in an Instagram post, we do love seeing their love.

We love that the couple are vocal about how grateful they are for each other. Even though this can feel kind of cheesy sometimes, we don’t get those vibes from Rose and Origliasso. Instead our hearts just continue to melt at how much they care for one another. These two actually broke up for a few years and reunited several months ago. You can tell they are both grateful for a second chance.

The only thing better than some major Valentine’s Day love, is a major glow up. But thanks to Ruby Rose, today we got both. And that’s the sweetest Valentine’s Day gift of all.