Bradleigh-Ann Walker
Updated September 14, 2016 9:24 am

The Oregon Trail has been re-introduced as a card game, and it’s going to be perfect for those nostalgia-infused game nights.

If you aren’t familiar, The Oregon Trail was a computer game introduced in the 1970s (and one that most of us played for days on end, during school hours), allowing players to take on the role of a wagon leader in charge of a group of settlers as they travel from Missouri to Oregon along the infamous Oregon Trail.

Players have to deal with trials similar to those settlers faced in real life — like deadly diseases that can wipe out travelers, and making strategic decisions when gathering supplies and killing wild animals for food.

Nothing says nostalgia like remembering the frustration of your wagon party dying of dysentery before you made it halfway to Oregon…

The Oregon Trail card game, created by Pressman Toys, includes three decks of cards: Trail, calamity, and supply cards. There’s also a dry erase board so you can keep track of the players who die (“die”) during gameplay. If at least one traveler from your party survives the entire trip to Oregon, you win the game!

The computer game has had several versions over the past 40 years, but the original game was created in 1971 by a Minnesota history teacher, Don Rawitsch, who wanted a way to make the subject fun for his eighth grade students.

If this sounds like something you want to get your hands on right away, it’s currently at Target, and it’s ONLY at Target. Even better, it’s only $13.

And you’d like to revisit a classic version of The Oregon Trail, the 1990 MECC-developed version is available online via the Internet Archive.

Curious about the card game? Watch Pressman’s instructional video below.