Karen Belz
Updated Sep 06, 2017 @ 11:37 am

Nintendo’s duo of plumbing brothers were a major part of our childhoods. So it makes sense that we’re a bit shook to learn that Mario is no longer a plumber — and supposedly hasn’t been for awhile. We mean, we knew he was a doctor. And a racecar driver. And a golfer. But we figured that he still had his original day job this whole time.

The job description was changed on the Japanese Nintendo site which has brief introductions of each key character. For Mario, the page says that he was a “plumber long ago.” For the record, Luigi’s page doesn’t state whether or not he’s still in the profession, but in our minds, he still is. Luigi seems like the kind of guy who stays loyal to his craft.

We understand why he’d give it up. Maybe it just wasn’t his true passion. Needless to say, his fans on Twitter had some thoughts about the big reveal, and a lot of these thoughts happen to be pretty hysterical. false


Who knows, maybe he would be interested in taking a plumbing side gig every once in awhile. Y’know — for his friends.

You’ll probably be hearing a lot more about the ex-plumber in upcoming weeks, since his new Nintendo Switch game, Super Mario Odyssey, got an official release date — October 27th. The 3D game requires players to collect Moons, which will help power an adventurous airship. This game seems super cool since Mario will be able to perform a few new moves — most notably, a cap throw.

Really, October just can’t come soon enough.