Madison Vanderberg
August 11, 2017 11:34 am

When we think of Mandy Moore, we think of the lovely brunette actress who gets us to feel things with her performance on This Is Us. And then that very same Mandy Moore will post a #tbt on Instagram and we’re instantly taken back to the ’90s/early aughts when “Candy” was on the radio and the name Mandy Moore meant something entirely different.

Moore shared this throwback to the time she opened for NSYNC in 1999.

This was before the band debuted “Bye Bye Bye,” so we’re imagining NSYNC weren’t global superstars yet, therefore opening for them didn’t quite pack the punch we might have expected.

Moore captioned the photo:

We find this whole photo endearing. The sparsely attended crowd. The four backup dancers. The random boxes at the back of the stage.

Would have thought that that young pop-star would become your fave actress and red carpet icon?

Proof that women are multi-faceted AF. You wanna be a ’90s pop star and then gun for an Emmy in your 30s? DO IT.