Credit: Warner Bros.

The wait is finally over, Mandy Moore and Shane West had A Walk to Remember reunion. Yes, it was as glorious as it sounds!

On Sunday, Moore reunited with her on-screen love, along with the film’s director, Adam Shankman, and we can’t get over it. Sure, we were all about football on Sunday with that ridiculous overtime ending of the Super Bowl, but come to find out it was super for another reason.

For a while now, the This Is Us star has been saying that she wanted to have A Walk to Remember reunion, and now the actress made it happen.

In honor of the 15th anniversary of the movie — that still makes us cry just by thinking of it — the stars got together and of course took a photo. Seriously, what would we do if we didn’t have Instagram to share all these amazing movie reunions? It’d be terrible.

Our hearts are full as well…so full.

West, who played the dreamy Landon in the romance movie, re-grammed his co-star’s photo and gave it a sweet caption to match.

Hun? He called Moore hun! Our hearts can’t contain this much love, it just can’t.

Despite the fact that this is the first real-life reunion we’ve seen of the cast, it’s not the first time Moore has shared a photo from the film.

In fact, she’s shared a few throwbacks over the past year and we just have to see them again.

Remember when all you want was to be Jamie in Landon’s arms? Minus the whole dying thing, obviously.

Or when you thought getting married in high school was so romantic, because these two made it so beautiful.

We have so much love for this movie, the cast and this reunion. So much love…forever!