Credit: Instagram/Mayim Bialik

Ever since her Blossom and Beachesdays, Mayim Bialik has been one of our fave actresses. She just projects such an intelligent, #ladyboss vibe (while also seeming delightfully chill).

And she must know how much we crave throwbacks, because she just posted an epic #tbt photo with John Stamos!

It might even rival the throwback of the Fresh Prince with Blossom, or that time she teamed up with an old co-star to recreate an iconic Beaches scene, OR that throwback pic with Jennifer Aniston (is Bialik the queen of throwbacks, or what?).

So, in the photo, Bialik is an adorable fresh-faced smiley teenager in the late 1980s, but she actually looks pretty much the same (ageless, much?).

So freaking cute! Also, we love how Stamos is dressed all in denim. Can that look make a comeback? Maybe only for throwback-themed parties? Okay we’ll take it. Thanks for this dose of nostalgia, Mayim!

It’s always fun to track people’s career, and Bialik has been successfully acting since she was about 12. They say it’s hard to transition from child acting into adult acting, but this girl did it well, and seemingly without any Hollywood drama.

Keep those throwbacks coming, lady!

H/T People