We don’t know what it is about Halloween-themed movies, but they just stick with us. Who would have ever thought a little DCOM called Halloweentown would still be stirring the hearts of Millennials all these years later?

At the Spirit of Halloweentown in St. Helens, Oregon you can visit the actual location where they filmed the movies, complete with a replica of the Great Pumpkin.

In honor of the annual pumpkin lighting, the cast reunited for the special event.

Marnie (played by Kimberly J. Brown), her onscreen siblings (Joey Zimmerman and Emily Roeske), and their mom (Judith Hoag) all descended on the small town for a Halloweentown reunion we didn’t know we needed.

Omigod! The haunted cab!

The cast gathered onstage in full witch and warlock regalia and lit up the Great Pumpkin.

This reunion wasn’t just to honor the movie, they also took this time to share some kind words for their cast member who isn’t with us anymore: Debbie Reynolds.

Hoag shared this sweet Reynolds memory with the audience.