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Way the heck back in 1995, many a boy and girl dashed to their nearest movie theatre to see Casper. And while it may not have been a ~critical~ success, it gifted us with one of our favorite ’90s crushes of all time, human-form Casper (played by actor Devon Sawa).

Credit: Universal Pictures

The moment he swept Christina Ricci onto the dance floor, the rest of us swooned in loving-jealousy. ANYWAY…We were curious what Casper, we mean Devon, was up today, and we’re happy to announce you will not be disappointed.

For a reminder, here’s human Casper (Devon Sawa) then.

And here’s Devon Sawa now.

And here he is goofing around at the premiere of his latest project, an indie film called, Punk’s Dead: SLC Punk 2.

Many of you may actually remember him starring in other films after Casper, too, like the original Final Destination.

But these days he’s busy struttin’ right back into our hearts.

And still being adorable after all these years.

Lucky for us, Devon will NOT be turning back into ghost form any time soon!


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::Whispers, “Yes!”::