Anna Buckley
Updated Sep 16, 2016 @ 3:56 pm
Credit: ABC Photo Archives / Getty Images

Everybody knows Joey Gladstone, the comedic uncle on Full House who loves wearing Hawaiian shirts and doing impersonations.

Here he is with our favorite parenting trio from San Francisco:

Credit: ABC Photo Archives / Getty Images

BUT, not everybody remembers that Joey Gladstone (aka Dave Coulier, the actor) was ALSO a FATHER on the Disney Channel original movie, The Thirteenth Year!

Exhibit A, top right corner:

Credit: Disney Channel /

Why does he look so serious? Why is he not with Michelle and Comet? WHY IS HE NOT TELLING SOMEONE TO CUT IT OUT?

Joey Dave plays the father of Cody, the kid who turns into a mermaid merman. Dave’s character is of course incredibly proud of his son, just as Joey is always proud of his nieces, but we can distinctly remember our little kid brains registering his face and wondering what he was doing on our television screens without Danny and Uncle Jesse beside him.

At least in this scene he’s wearing a weird dolphin hat and face paint. That feels a little more ~right~.

Credit: Disney Channel

Look, we get it. Full House finished taping in 1995, and an actors gotta eat. (The Thirteenth Year came out in 1999.)

Joey Dave (obviously) went on to be in many other productions, from The Even Stevens Movie to Dexter’s Laboratory. We’re just glad you made it back home to San Francisco/our beloved Tanner family in Fuller House and calmed our wearied ’90s hearts, Joey.

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