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One of our favorite things about social media is the way it gives us an insight into the everyday lives of our favorite celebs. We love seeing Brie Larson relaxing in on the weekend. Or how America Ferrera is doing on her triathalon training. Can you imagine what our lives would’ve been like if we could have followed our favorite stars from the ’90s and ’00s on Instagram? Luckily, former hairstylist, Jason T. Rail, has started sharing some candid snaps of our favorite stars from that era, and we are loving it!

Just look at this pic of Rose McGowan from 1994. This lipstick would have been perfect for the ‘gram if it had existed back then.

His photos show 1996 Lisa Kudrow just as fierce as she is funny.

This could TOTALLY pass as a selfie from Christy Turlington, and we love it.

And here, Matt LeBlanc is totally feeling this dim-lit party pic.

Ugh, It’s such a shame we don’t have ’90s Instas and Snaps to look back on.

Jessica Alba at the ’99 Never Been Kissed premiere!

“Who knew she would become a billionaire,” Rail captions. We knew! We knew!

Ryan Phillippe was practicing his sexy smolder long before he could share it with the internet.

’90s Heather Graham would have been an Instagram legend!

Just look at that all-seeing-eye necklace she’s rocking!

Guess we’ll have to savor the few we have. Like this candid of Parker Posey in rollers!

So much nostalgia, we can’t even handle it!