Kenya Foy
Updated Jan 12, 2017 @ 10:21 am
Credit: carsandwater /

Can someone explain what’s up with this rash of toy destruction vids lately? We don’t know what brought about this profoundly disturbing trend but either someone has it out for old-school toys, or we’re extremely sensitive about preserving memories. On the other hand, whoever destroyed a Furby with a red hot nickel ball is not.

This person obviously doesn’t give a damn that Furbies underwent an intense makeover this past summer (our inner ’90s kid is still joyfully weeping), and this toy murdering individual certainly couldn’t give two shits about the utterly important differences between the old and new Furbies.

Yep, this person probably hangs out with those people who burned their childhood toys, and counts Furbies as one of those nightmarish playthings that scarred them for life. Otherwise, what would prompt them to resort to such an extreme form of toy torture?

SIGHS. We know, y’all — other than emotional exasperation, all we have to offer at this point are more questions that need answers. Oh, and the creepy footage of this former Furby that went up in flames (RIP).

Be advised that if the Furbies’ protruding eyes gave you some serious heebie-jeebies as a kid, watching this person stick a screwdriver in them (pre-burn) will definitely make you squirm. Apparently, whoever sent this Furby in wrote a note along with it, explaining that its motor stopped working.

Eerily enough, just as it approaches its fiery death, it still manages to utter a few peppy phrases, and ugh, just watch what happens.

Oof. That was painful to watch. Now we’re gonna need to binge on ’90s kids shows to make ourselves feel better.