Olivia Harvey
Updated December 02, 2016
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Are you sitting down? Okay, good. If you have even the slightest iota of love for the late ’80s/early ’90s family sitcom, Full House, then this information might just send you over the edge. Eldest Tanner daughter, D.J. and boyfriend, Steve Hale, went to prom togetherin real life. Candace Cameron Bure, who played D.J. on the show, posted a throwback picture on her Instagram yesterday showing her with Scott Weigner, who played her onscreen boyfriend, at her real life high school prom.

Bure captioned the pic, “#TBT to my real life senior prom with @scottweinger. Yup, this really did happen (Awwwww.) Should DJ and Steve be together or is this ancient history? #TeamSteve #TeamMatt The drama continues on Season 2 of #FullerHouse coming to @netflix December 9!! Who’s ready?!”


And obviously fans are freaking the freak out.

Instagram / Candace Cameron Bure

We’re sobbing, actually.

Instagram / Candace Cameron Bure


Instagram / Candace Cameron Bure

Hey! This is a Full House forum! But we do agree that this pic is “serious goals.”

Bure and Weigner once again star side-by-side in the Netflix Full House spinoff, Fuller House, playing their OG characters. The former high school romance between D.J. and Steve was momentarily rekindled in the first season of Fuller House, but was thwarted by D.J.’s new romantic interest, Dr. Matt Harmon. In the season finale, D.J. was left with a choice between pursuing a relationship with Steve or one with Matt.


Perhaps the show will drag out the tension between the much anticipated Steve/D.J. relationship throughout Season 2 because they know fans want it so bad. But come on, Steve and D.J. have to end up together eventually right?


We suppose there’s only one way to find out. We’ll have to tune into Netflix on December 9th to see if the IRL prom king and queen of our hearts will finally be together once again.