Jill Layton
Updated Mar 22, 2017 @ 5:13 pm

A candle exists that has the ability to both warm your heart (and its immediate surroundings) and terrify you. It’s a weeping unicorn candle, and it looks like it’s straight out of a Lisa Frank horror film. You know, if Lisa Frank made horror films.

The Crying Unicorn Candle is brought to us by the UK company Firebox. When the wick is lit (AKA the horn), the wax from the multicolored candle slowly drips out of the unicorn’s eyes, causing it to burst into the most beautifully sad and scary rainbow tears.

The body of the unicorn is a white ceramic ornament that looks like it needs a hug. Maybe a few hugs.

Credit: Firebox

You didn’t know a crying unicorn could be so mesmerizing, did you?

Since candles melt, the unicorn comes with two extra candle horns. That way the unicorn will never run out of tears (until it does). But then it’ll probably be even more sad since its horns are gone. Sigh.

Credit: Firebox

As Firebox notes, when it starts bawling hard, you might want to consider putting it on a plate to avoid a rainbow mess. Unless of course you’re into rainbow messes, then you do you.

The candle is available for pre-order on the Firebox website for £19.99 ($24.95). The company is expected to ship the orders out on March 31st. So if you’ve been searching for a really unique gift to give someone who loves unicorns, rainbows, Lisa Frank, and sadness, this could be the winner.

Is it worth the wait and the cost of shipping from the UK? Do unicorns cry rainbow tears? Yes, yes they do.