Rachel Sanoff
July 26, 2016 1:11 pm
Stephen White/CameraSport via Getty Images

Nike has released its latest commercial, days before the Olympic Games, and the sweet clip features baby athletes listening to a locker room-style motivational speech in their nursery. Some of the infant sports stars portrayed in the ad include Lebron James, Zhou Qi,  Neymar Jr., and queen Serena Williams.


The tagline for the commercial, called “Unlimited Future,” is “Champions weren’t born champions. They were born babies.” Actor Bobby Cannavale enters the nursery, shuts off a Fisher Price-style radio playing lullaby music, and gives an empowering speech while walking among the cribs:

“Life’s not fair. You get no say in the world you’re born into. You don’t decide your name… where you come from… if you have a place to call home… or if your family has to leave the country.”


Cannavale’s coach-esque character continues:

“You don’t decide how your story begins, but you do get to decide how it ends.”

Baby Serena Williams is a perfect athlete to inspire us through this message before the games in Rio. Never forget, she began practicing tennis as a young black girl in Compton, California, to eventually dominate the majority white and historically classist sport with her 22nd Grand Slam title at Wimbledon earlier this month.

Watch the full Nike ad and aspire to accomplish boundary-breaking athletic feats (even though baby Serena would still demolish you in a tennis match).