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You probably remember Katrina Johnson from the first season of All That.

Credit: Nickelodeon

And you should be eternally grateful to her for blessing the 90’s kid comedy show with flawless and strangely mature impressions for a youth. For example:

Roseanne Barr

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Ross Perot

Credit: Nickelodeon

You can see Katrina’s Ross Perot in action starting at 3:28 in this video of a CLASSIC Ear Boy sketch:

Katrina Johnson performed on the sketch program from 1994-1997, from ages 12-15. And she definitely doesn’t look like a little Ross Perot anymore.

Credit: Louis Cuthbert


Glow up, much.

She owns it.

Oh my god. Look at her with fellow All That comedy queens Angelique Bates and Alisa Reyes. This is too much.

Guys, she is still Angelique Bates’ #ProudFriend.


You can see her share All That stories on YouTube with cast mate Lisa Foiles.

And get interviewed at the Comikaze Expo alongside fellow All That alums and heroes of our youth, Josh Server, Lori Beth Dinberg, Angelique Bates, and Alisa Reyes.

Once Katrina left the iconic sketch program — in addition to evolving into a platinum blonde goddess — she had parts in the film Sister and the short She’s a Fox. But according to her IMDb page, she has retired from acting and actually briefly considered becoming a flight attendant! Katrina is now a radio host in Las Vegas, hosting “Guilty Pleasures” for the online station, Uncensored Radio.

Never forget.