Leonora Epstein
May 28, 2016 9:00 am

Shopping at 13: Literally ALL THE THINGS from the Delia’s catalog.

Shopping at 30: The Asos addiction is real.

Email at 13: “PrincessSparkles222” is only one of your many aliases.

Email at 30: Somehow this got really boring.


Nail polish at 13: Save for weeks for one of these babies.

Nail polish at 30: Yessie, Essie.

Money at 13: Cold, hard, fake cash.

Money at 30: Do you literally ever even see it?


How you spend your Saturdays at 13: You really need some new peace sign bling.

How you spend your Saturdays at 30: Awww yissssss VIB status.

Games at 13: High-tech stuff.

Games at 30: Lost your life to Candy Crush.

Phone numbers at 13: Literally all stored in your human brain.

Phone numbers at 30: You know your own and…911?


Lip game at 13: Still working on growing that Lip Smackers collection.

Lip game at 30: You’ve got a new cult fave.

Kiehl's / drugstore.com

Fancy photography at 13: These awesome sticker photo booths…

Which were basically just the original Snapchat. Welcome to 30!