Gina Mei
June 24, 2015 5:30 am

A couple weeks ago, Stephen A. Smith — a sports commentator on ESPN — joked that the reason the Women’s World Cup goalie for Germany had failed to defend a goal was that she “might not have wanted to mess [her] hair up.” Unsurprisingly, the Internet immediately (and justifiably) ripped him apart, and he soon issued an apology on Twitter for his sexist remarks.

Now, the Norwegian Women’s World Cup team has issued the ultimate mic drop in response. Working with journalist Nicolay Ramm, players Trine Rønning, Emilie Haavi, Ingred Hjelmseth, and Cathrine Dekkerhus created an incredible short video poking fun of the lazy, outdated, and sexist stereotypes that female athletes are constantly subjected to — both jokingly and not. The video covers everything from players “not knowing” the rules of the game, to being valued for their looks over their skills; and the results are all kinds of amazing.

“I tend to pick up the ball with my hands,” Haavi says in the video. “Suddenly, I forget myself and. . . ‘Oh crap. Handball.'”

“The goal is just way too big,” goalie Hjelmseth adds. “There ought to be two of us.”

From there, the players satirize basically every criticism made about women’s soccer — by showing what it would be like if any of it were true. It’s absolutely ridiculous in the best possible way, and ends up being an incredibly smart approach to tackling sexism in women’s sports.

As if all of that weren’t amazing enough, a Norwegian team player (Maren Mjelde) actually scored the goal Smith was making fun of in the first place. That’s right: The Norwegian team totally had Germany’s back, even when they were playing against one another. They may be fierce competitors on the field, but when it comes to the stuff all female athletes have to deal with, it turns out we’re all on the same team.

Check out the video for yourself below.

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