Remember Magic Eye? Back in the day, those hardcover eye-puzzles were all the rage. But if you’re one of the few people who were never able to see the same 3D image as your peers (you’re not alone, by the way) here’s something cool that your eyes will definitely be able to participate in.

Reddit user djeclipz posted the following image of 12 blinking dots on the subreddit r/pics. The image in question, however, isn’t an animated gif — quite simply, the dots blink because your eyes aren’t capable of seeing them all at the same time.

Crazy, right? (And of course, someone already found a way to “cheat” — by tilting your laptop down, the dots will become visible all at once. But what’s the fun in that?)

Not only is the image a perfect Monday morning conversation starter with your coworkers, but it’ll definitely make you appreciate the art of the human body just a bit more.

Why can’t see we see all 12? Well, because eyes are an intricate part of our anatomy. And while you’ve had them your whole life, they’ll still find a way to surprise you.