Disney princesses aren’t the only ones who can be reimagined. Let’s not forget that there are a ton of other animated heroines out there, and it’s about time we showed them a little love, too. Thankfully, one of our favorite Tumblr artists, TheNamelessDoll, has already gone ahead and given some of our faves some fabulous makeovers. Say goodbye to the long, flowing locks on these ladies, because now they’re going to rock some shorter cuts. And they look amazing.

TheNamelessDoll gave a lot of Disney princesses short-hair makeovers a while back, and the results were amazing. Notice how mostly all Disney females — heck, all animated females — have super long hair? It’s either pulled back in an amazing up do, or it’s down and flowing natural. There’s no in-between. TheNamelessDoll changed that, by chopping off all the hair, just like Mulan in her movie, but still even shorter.

Now, check out what the TheNamelessDoll has done with a few non-Disney princesses. We’re loving the results.

First one up, Anastasia. Anastasia is such a GOOD animated movie, many think it’s actually Disney. But it’s not, surprise! And now for the second surprise, let’s cut away all of Anya’s hair.

How about Thumblina? You probably wore through that VHS growing up.

And don’t forget Chel from The Road to El Dorado. Know what movie you probably haven’t seen in a while? El Dorado. Good thing it’s on Netflix.

Last, but certainly not least, we’ve got Odette from The Swan Princesses. She looks completely different without her long, golden hair. Different, but still great.

If you want to check out the whole set of reimagined ladies with short hair, head over to TheNamelessDoll‘s page to check them all out!

Images via Tumblr