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So, canceling coffee plans is one of the those things that we love to hate but really love doing. As beloved comedian John Mulaney once said, “In terms of instant relief, canceling plans is like heroin. It’s an amazing feeling.” Let’s face it, sometimes we make plans we didn’t ~actually~ mean to make and need to cancel. We’re all human.

Luckily, coffee plans are amazingly versatile so if you have to go forward with your plans, you have options. You can grab coffee in the morning without having to commit to a full breakfast or you can go in the afternoon for a pick-me-up to get you through the day.

But if you are not feeling it or simply can no longer attend your scheduled coffee plans, we have some fun and easy ways to to cancel, without making it awkward.

1. Send them the perfect funny gif. It can be an inside joke between the two of you or it can literally be a gif saying “I’m the worst.” It’ll cut the tension so you can send the quick explanation without things getting weird. Here’s one you can totally use:

2. Acknowledge your disappointment in needing to cancel. You don’t have to go into too much detail as to why the plans are no longer happening, but, especially if your coffee date is sensitive, give them enough to show that you’re not just flaking out.

3. Use lyrics to your favorite song to say you’re sorry for canceling your plans. If it’s happened more than once, send them the following song with this text: “Sorry to be that guy again, but I have to cancel coffee on Thurs!”

4. Unless something comes up suddenly, canceling right before the plans are set to happen is never a good idea. A good rule of thumb is to cancel no later than the day before the plans, aka, a solid 24 hours. Unless your coffee plans are very casual, chances are, the closer to the date you cancel, the more awkward things will be. If you cancel with enough time to spare, the awkwardness will easily be avoided.

5. Unless you’re canceling plans with Nana, try to cancel via email or text, that way you don’t feel compelled to overshare. When you use email and text you also avoid the awkward silences all together. It’s a win win situation. If you do need to call to cancel, make it short and sweet and in order to ensure you don’t ramble, set a countdown clock or egg timer to remind you to stop sharing!

6. Sometimes you just have to be straight-forward with a little sense of humor because humor is great in keeping things from getting awks. Text them something like, “Sorry to be such a flake but I have to cancel coffee tomorrow.” Using the snowflake emoji or snowflake photos or gifs is optional.

7. Bring coffee (or food) to them. Say you’re supposed to have coffee with your BFF, who you haven’t seen in, like, forever, on Friday — but something came up at work. Break the news by spontaneously surprising them with a coffee on their lunch break or take-out at their apartment in order to break the news. By showing them you still want to make time for them in some way, shape, or form will soften the blow and eliminate the awkward.

8. If you’re truly stumped, send them this clip, along with this message “I’m the worst. I can’t do coffee on Monday because something came up at work. I apologize to you and Aziz. Let’s reschedule soon!”

Seriously, a little humor goes a long way. Awkwardness is often a part of life but sometimes, it can definitely be avoided.