Kathryn Lindsay
April 18, 2016 9:51 am

We know all too well how a common misconception of feminism is that feminists want a world without men. While that’s absolutely not true, the new mockumentary No Men Beyond This Point, which premiered at Sundance, conjures up a world where men are going extinct. And TBH, it’s pretty hilarious.

The trailer, which hit YouTube on Friday, starts off by explaining how all the men disappeared. More and more women began conceiving children asexually, and those children were exclusively girls. This trend continued until men bordered on the verge of extinction, which is where the mockumentary picks up, taking a look back at all that’s unfolded over the years.

“I’m 37 years old, and I’m the youngest man in the world,” says one man to the camera. “I’m gonna make the best of the opportunities that I do have, because things aren’t going to change.”

In the imaginary world of No Men Beyond This Point, women don’t need men to reproduce and have pretty much eschewed them as viable romantic partners as well. “Women still crave intimacy,” a woman says. “Just as we’re still pairing off in order to raise our children.”

In short, the men are castaways, occasionally helping the women out, but they are also somewhat of a nuisance, like mountain lions or bears.

The film, directed and written by Mark Sawers, seems to point out the ridiculousness of the panic over women wanting full political, social and economic equality with men. We love a good mockumentary and have to say we’re hugely excited for this one.

Watch the full trailer below!