What do your followers like to see most of all? While some people might say “who cares!” to that question, for the social media-savvy, it’s pretty useful to know what your followers like most of all so you can keep on posting that particular content and rake in the likes and followers. Luckily, there’s a CRAZY simple tool you can use that will instantly show you your top nine posts you’ve shared throughout 2015.

Aptly titled “2015 Best Nine,” the website just asks you to input your Instagram handle, and after a few seconds of processing, it will pull together your top nine posts based on the highest number of likes, then put it in a neat little collage. For example, my followers mostly enjoy my selfies (a.k.a. the byproducts of days when I’m too bored and have lots of fun new makeup at my disposal), although there are a few traveling pics in there:

You can also use the tool to search anyone you like, from your friends to your favorite celebs. For example, Taylor Swift’s involves a lot of cats:

HelloGiggles’ involves cats, dogs, otters, and of course, our queen Zooey:

And speaking of Zooey, hers involves quite a few shots from New Girl, because of course.

The tool is especially fun to use on animal accounts, like Chloe the mini Frenchie:

Or Marnie the Shih Tzu:

SO MUCH CUTENESS IN ONE PICTURE. Check out your top Instas here!

(Images via 2015 Best Nine.)