A divorce can be a messy affair. Most feel complicated emotions after a marriage is officially over — and those feelings frequently include regret. But when it comes to her marriage to Tom Cruise in the ’90s, Nicole Kidman doesn’t regret a thing.

Recently, the actress spoke to the Evening Standard about everything from her career to her relationships. Nicole looks back on her 20s as a learning period. Refresher course- she married Tom when she was only 23 in 1990, the two divorced 10 years later, and she is now happily married to Keith Urban and has been for almost 10 years. But what did Nicole learn from her 10-year marriage with Tom? The answer: Every relationship is different, but she has no regrets about her past.

“Any time you have a chance at something again is good, but each combination of people is different,” Nicole, who has remained basically silent about their split in the media, explained to the magazine. “I was a baby when I married Tom, but I don’t regret any of it. . . Be the best you can be, not the worst, and think of the children.”

Classy, as always. Besides, Nicole has got SO much going on, and everything is coming up roses — not only in her love life with Keith, but in her career. Recently, the actress signed on to appear on the second season of Top of the Lake, and next year, she has four films out in the UK. Plus, we’re super excited for the HBO miniseries Big Little Lies, which Nicole is attached to along with Reese Witherspoon and Shailene Woodley.

Nicole also recently won the Natasha Richardson Award for Best Actress for her performance as forgotten DNA pioneer Rosalind Franklin in London’s West End production of the play Photograph 51.

“It feels sad,” she told Evening Standard. “The beauty of theatre is that it never comes again. That’s it, done, it’s all just memory then. That’s what makes it spectacular. I loved doing it every night. I had forgotten that direct connection to the audience. And the immediacy — I haven’t had that in so long. You feel the energy of the audience.”

Seeing the legendary Nicole Kidman on stage would certainly give us energy for days weeks the rest of our lives. Check out the entire Evening Standard interview here.

(Image via Twitter.)