Lilian Min
April 28, 2015 5:50 am

Now, I never had a bar mitzvah (pretty sure my 13th birthday was spent eating pizza and maybe watching all three Lord of the Rings movies), but it’s safe to say that any birthday party that contains a special appearance by Nicki Minaj is the best. birthday. ever. Well, one lucky kid had just that happen at his bar mitzvah, prompting me to search for my invite, which definitely got lost in the mail, right?

Over the weekend, Minaj first posted a photo on Instagram that showed her standing next to the birthday boy, named only “Matt,” with the caption: “With my new boy toy at his Bar Mitzvah. Hi Matt! Mazel Tov! ❤️”

The real question: How can Matt look so chill standing next to the queen of rap?

Some Internet digging has revealed a little bit more about the event: That Matt is the son of a New York taxi mogul, that he’s a huge Minaj fan, that legendary basketballer John Starks was in attendance, and that not only did Matt get to pose with Minaj on the red carpet, but that she even rapped hits like “Super Bass” for attendees…

…and also offered up some life advice to the teens in attendance.

We’re not saying that everybody in that crowd has now been #blessed, but we’re also not saying that they haven’t been.

Matt is one lucky boy and has the best parents ever for taking his love of Minaj to the next level. (Imagine if your parents had invited your favorite person to your birthday… teenage me is freaking out over Orlando Bloom right now.) Minaj also seems to have enjoyed herself, posting one last shot of herself and her new teenage boy crew. Hey, being Beyoncé’s bestie doesn’t mean she can’t get herself some new squad members, right?

Next time you pull a stunt like this, Ms. (Mrs.?) Minaj, don’t forget to double check my address! And to parents everywhere, the bar (mitzvah) has been set.

(Images via here, here, and here.)