The world needs more rejection texts like this one (seriously)

The straight dudes of the world don’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to texting, or any kind of app involving messaging (yeah, yeah, I know #notallstraightdudes, but we’re talking in generalities here, so bear with me).

Look no further than the charmers on display on simultaneously hilarious and cringeworthy accounts like Straight White Boys Texting or Mia Matsumiya’s Perv Magnet Instagram for some truly staggering examples of the dark side of the world of texting (and Facebook/Twitter/Tinder/just about any other means by which it’s possible to send messages).

Luckily, the #notallmen protesters, like a broken clock, are right once in a while, and not all dudes are actually that inept at texting or managing polite rejection, as one kind of adorable text exchange has reminded us.

A male guest gave his phone number to a straight dude named Chad (because of course) at Chad’s cousin’s wedding. Instead of of being aggressive or rude or ghosting on the guy,  Chad honestly wrote back to “Wedding Guy,” letting him know that he had a girlfriend but commended his bravery in asking him out and encouraging him to “keep it up.”

So how did Wedding Guy respond to this polite rejection? Equally politely, of course — he thanked Chad for texting him back, writing “I really never thought that you would respond because I was so awkward the entire time,” and adding, “Your gf is a lucky gal!!”

Chad posted their full conversation on Imgur, in which he encourages Wedding Guy to keep up the good work, saying, “It’s so much better to live your life without the regrets of not doing those types of things even if they’re scary at the time.”

He also added more backstory about what happened at the wedding, all under the heading “So much respect for this man.”

It sure is nice when we can all use technology to just treat each other like human beings, isn’t it?

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