Lilian Min
Updated Dec 11, 2016 @ 12:06 pm
Credit: NextVR

When I first learned that the NFL was now offering post-game virtual reality highlights, I was pretty astounded. That’s a big deal! One of the worst parts about football games (of which I’ve been to many) is that you can’t really see what’s going on as you’re actually there. Big screens help; TV’s multiple angles can help; but you will never be as up close and personal as you’d like to be… until now.

The league’s partnership with virtual reality company NextVR is then a revelation. But NextVR has actually been doing this kind of innovative sports virtual reality for a couple of years now, and even started airing one NBA game a week live in VR. That’s wild, and the company can only pull it off through a creative combination of equipment and practiced manpower.

As with most modern applications of VR, you still need to download an app on your phone and then “watch” programs through a special headset. But whereas most VR programs are like, “hear and interact with creatures in the wild!”, NextVR’s push toward sports VR takes the common sports fan problem — what’s really going on??? — and offers a solution.

Now, you can be on the sidelines/courtside/an omniscient observer at not just NFL and NBA games, but also tennis matches; soccer games; concerts???, political debates????? Can you imagine live style coverage at the Academy Awards with VR? Hello, future.