New York is getting it’s own real-life Diagon Alley

Still looking for amazing Halloween plans? Well, we’ve got the prefect one for you that’s going to make October 31st extra magical. Remember how Hogwarts always used to make a huge deal out of Halloween for its students? It was awesome, we were always jealous, and now one college town in upstate New York is doing that same exact thing. But they’re not just celebrating Halloween. Oh no. They’re celebrating it Harry Potter style.

This year, Ithaca, New York is totally transforming a regular alleyway downtown into a place where they’ll be lots of mischief to manage. And, full disclosure, I actually went to college in Ithaca, at Ithaca College (not Cornell, don’t get too excited), and I’ve never wanted to go back to college so much in my life as I do right now. Those college kids today are SO LUCKY.

Ithaca’s own Wizarding Weekend will take place on Press Bay Alley, which is becoming Diagon Alley through a wave of the wand and a lot of hard work. The shop owners will be dressing up in their finest wizard robes, and attendees are encouraged to do the same! There will even be a costume contest for best wizard — both adult and child prizes — and best Muggle. But everyone should dress up for the full effect, since you get to be a Muggle every day of the week. It’s not often that you’re encouraged to attend an event in Hogwarts colors.

On top of that, children will be allowed to trick or treat at the shops, and butterbeer hot cider will be served to keep everyone warm on the inside. There will also be “electric broom demonstrations” from the local bike shop in town, and Ithaca’s own circus school will preform. Because my college town is way cooler than your college town and has its own circus school.

I can’t think of a better place for this kind of event to happen. Ithaca is full of independently-owned establishments and the community loves to give back. There are already a dozen different kind of festivals throughout the year, but this is the first dedicated solely to Harry Potter. Hopefully it becomes an annual thing. It just might start happening every Halloween, since looking at the RSVPs on Facebook, the turnout could be in the thousands.

SO, if you happen to find yourself in upstate New York with nothing to do on All Hallows Eve, stop by the Wizarding Weekend. It’s sure to be a magical time.

(Image via Warner Bros.)

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